Andi Bagus

New work in Miami for Andi Bagus.

Rainy day with Erin Hall

Shooting in the rain is always a good idea!

Sierra Skye in Malibu

Another shoot with Honeybee Swimwear in Malibu!  This time we met up with Sierra Skye at Zuma Beach at 6:00 AM for the coldest beach shoot I've ever done.  It was about 50 degrees and the wet sand turned our bare feet numb very quickly.  Once the sun rose a little higher in the sky, things became a little more bearable, but it was pretty nuts for the first couple hours.  Despite the chilly start, we still managed to get amazing stuff.  Check out for a lot of the shots we did! 

Savannah K for Joy Dravecky Jewelry

Early morning "sunrise" shoot with Savannah in Newport Beach for Joy Dravecky Jewelry.  Always the best time working with Savannah!

Megan in Laguna Beach

Met up with Megan Cari of LA Models for a morning shoot in Laguna beach near Pelican Point.  Tons of fun!  Can't wait to go back!

Kristen Reed in Malibu

Finally getting caught up on updating the site after a crazy past couple of months traveling, shooting, and editing....a lot.  Summer has officially arrived and it's time to play catch-up and prep for a whirlwind summer than will take me to Miami twice, LA, Chicago, Denver, and Wisconsin.  Can't wait to share all the cool upcoming projects I have planned.  Happy summer! 

Mattah Parker styled by Jules Salinas

Downtown Atlanta with Mattah Parker.  Styling: Jules Salinas

Kayla Lewis in Silverlake, CA

A day with Kayla in the hills of Silverlake, CA

Brittani Bader

Brittani Bader in the Mojave Desert

When you bring your dad to a shoot...

Sophia and her dad, Bruno.

Cora Bisbee in ATL

A day exploring with Cora in Atlanta.

Brittani in Malibu

One of my favorite people in one of my favorite places.  From this past summer in LA. 

Olivia M.

My first shoot with Olivia was in Hollywood.  I met up with her at my friend Brittani's apartment, and we went and shot on a side street up in the Hollywood hills for about 20 minutes.  We then proceeded to drive around for about an hour looking for another place to shoot but mostly just a place to park.  It was right around rush hour so traffic was insane and parking was literally impossible.  We never found a place, and she had to get run off to an acting class, so she dropped me back off at Brittani's and that was it.  Soooo, finally yesterday we met back up in Atlanta and we shot for a few hours in my studio.  We did a ton of looks that I can't wait to edit, but here are a few of my initial favorites.  More soon!  

Coffee Obsession

Met up with my friend Jo from the other day and got creative with coffee beans and pastries from Alon's bakery.